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Iceland Hotel is run by two trained and experienced mountaineers, who are also experts at skiing, paragliding etc. They are supported by a full team - so when you go on a trip with them you know you are in safe hands. For information on how to get to Solang / Iceland hotel, click here
Luder Thakur
Luder has  been skiing,  since 1990, ie for over 16 years.  He has completed Basic, Intermediate and Advanced course at WHMI (Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at Manali) as well as  MOI (Method of Instruction) at WHMI in Skiing and Mountaineering.

Luder rained in Japan for 60 days in 1998. He was part of the Indian National Team for over six years and represented India in South Korea and Iran Competitons, Japan, Sweden and FIS races.   He has won several medals including those at national level. You can see some of them alongside!  He has taught more than 1000 people to ski.
   Khem Raj Thakur

Khem has been involved in  Mountaineering and Skiing for the past 17  years, since 1989. He has completed the Basic, Advanced and MOI (Method of Instruction) courses  at Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (WHMI) .  Has been part of several mountaineering expeditions  including Hanuman Tibba, Friendship, Ladakhi, Shetidar. In Spiti, Bada Shigri, Kulu Pamori, CB Range (6 peaks), Mool Kila etc etc . Led more than sixty groups on various expeditions.  Has also taken groups on more than two hundred treks of varying durations in Himachal, Ladakh etc.

Khem is also and expert Skiier, participated in World Cup 2002 in Iran, representing India.  Have taught more than 1000 people to ski.

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